My name is Ted Dietz & I've been your friendly, Seattle neighborhood Realtor since 2003.  No matter how you found your way to my site, I'm glad you're here!

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Ted Tips: 

Don't feel like you have to have all of your ducks in a row before you talk to a broker or lender.  Our job is to help you figure out which ducks should go in which rows so you're not spinning your wheels. Contact Ted to learn more about 1st steps in buying or selling a home!

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The short answer is that things are too "up in the air" to know.  And honestly, they are going to remain that way for a while.  Like everything else in life, COVID 19 has put all but a halt to the real estate market.  That said, there are still homes being bought and sold but at a trickle.  

Normally, this is where I'd lay down some mind splitting, statistical analysis.  But with the market functioning on life support, the data isn't normative or predictive. Even so, I may post some stats here in the coming days simply because I like numbers, but any real analysis will have to wait until the market starts breathing again.

It's hard to say when any semblance of a regular market will return but when it does, this will be the place to get not only the regular skinny on stats like median price, inventory and days on market but also get my insights on what's happening behind the scenes to create those numbers.  

So check in from time to time. For "this too shall pass", and when it does, I'll be here to fill you in!  

What's  the deal with Seattle???

Stat Tips:

If you want a feel for the market, study at least 5 different statistical categories. Ted recommends contrasting Avg Median Price with Average Sold Price, as well as, looking at the Sold Absorption Rate, Avg Sold Price over Avg Original List Price & Avg Cumulative Days on Market.  If that all sounds like gobbly-gook, Contact Ted and he'll do it for you.  

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Ted owns 2 pugs named Happy & Charlie & a cat name Kitty Meow-Meow.  Contact Ted and tell him about your pets.

Okay, here's the deal.  While I may be a fantastic real estate broker, a website designer I am not.

Within a couple of months I will be fully migrated over to this site. In the meantime you can find bits of me in two places.  Here and at my Windermere company site

So do yourself a favor and regularly check in to see what new magic I've created on this site.  Useful information and sound advice wrapped in an entertaining shell is the plan and it will be fun to see where this thing takes us.  

See you soon! 


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