Yes, that is a dog harness.  As a toddler, Ted was a wild man!  Chaining Ted to a pole was often necessary to keep him from running his little naked self into the street.  This explains a lot about who he is today.  

Ted the Man

Ted loves working in real estate but it is not his life.  I mean, look at those beautiful people he is with in those photos!  

That's Ted's wife, Sarah, and their two children, Matthew and Carrie.  From time to time they pitch in when Ted needs a hand.  Usually it is when he is prepping a house to sell.  Outside of that, Sarah is a teacher at Graham Hill Elementary and Matthew and Carrie are students that are growing up way too quickly for Ted's liking.  


As for Ted, he grew up all over Kitsap County and moved across the water in 95'. Outside of real estate he enjoys playing guitar, eating hamburgers, camping, drawing and having deep discussions on art, religion, film, science, music and culture in general,  He also enjoys not-so-deep conversations on sports, condiments & pugs.  


The Dietzs live in the Seattle neighborhood of Columbia City with their pugs, Happy & Charlie, and their cat, Kitty Meow-Meow.