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I've shoved a lot of great information into this site with the goal of helping folks leave more informed and prepared for their real estate endeavors than when they arrived.

Of course, I'd love to meet with you as well but the site should prime the real estate pump until we do.  Check out the site and let's set a date!

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Ted's Services

Whether you are a grizzled, real estate veteran or you are just dipping your toe into the market for the first time, Ted will be a great partner in your quest!  Ted has successfully guided clients in acquiring & selling a variety of property types, including:

  • New Construction

  • Fixers

  • Green Built

  • Short Sales

  • Bank Owned

  • Condos

  • Co-ops

  • Multi-family

  • Off Market Properties

  • & Good Old Regular Residential Resale

From basic preparedness to negotiation strategies, Ted's got you covered.  Click your button below




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Real Estate & COVID

Things are very different right now.  But there's no good in getting crabby about it.  

Ted is still providing world-class service online and to a limited degree, in person.  In fact, Ted is so desperate to see people in person that he is now having conversations with inanimate objects.  But we digress...  

The point is that Ted's here to help buyers and sellers reach their goals in the smartest and safest ways possible.  

That's right, we have to wear masks, stay 6' apart and only 5 people are allowed in a house at one time.
That's going to make it a lot harder to pinch people.
You're telling me!!  But we're all in this together.